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Our Approach

The power of data helps advance both short and long term goals and delivers more favorable outcomes. We can extract insightful conclusions with proper quantification, aggregation and segmentation of data leading to smarter decision-making. The main focus of Cramstack is to bring digitization to businesses and we design our products with the intent to enhance automation in various processes. Our digital solutions help businesses become more efficient and incorporates a data driven approach to day to day operations.

Data Engineering

Data engineering helps make data more useful and accessible for consumers of data. Our experts will transform your structured and unstructured data sources to create a robust and reliable data warehouse.

Build real-time data infrastructure
Automate movement and transformation of data
Create robust & reliable data pipelines

Data Analysis

Our expert analysts will help you gather meaningful answers and actionable insights from your data to predict and handle disruptions, deliver proactive customer service, make smart cross-sell offers, predict impending equipment failure, manage inventory in real time, optimize pricing, and prevent fraud.

Project future trends, events, and behaviours
Perform data sufficiency pilots
Deliver dynamic actions with active intelligence

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Take advantage of custom operational, analytical or strategic dashboards that make it quick and simple to tap into deep insights and grow your business faster. Analyse your data and reports with visualizations instead of sifting through colums and rows in a spreadsheet!

Easily understand trends & outliers in your data
Monitor the overall health of your business, department, or a specific process
Create a data driven decision making culture across your entire organization
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Who we are?

Cramstack is a Bangladesh-based software company that started its journey in 2016. Since then, we have received numerous recognitions, both home and abroad, including the BASIS National ICT Award in 2019 for the work we did in Big Data Analytics. Cramstack has also been part of large private and public sector projects and initiatives, aimed to gather market intelligence for process automation through data mining, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. which has positioned Cramstack as a ‘brand’ in this domain.

Our Vision

We now move forward by focusing on projects and products where AI integration, analytics and quality product engineering come together to provide the best solutions for enterprises. Cramstack focuses on business process automation through data mining, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We aim to bring digitalization to the private and public sectors of the country through cutting edge technologies.

Mir Sakib
Founder, Cramstack / Forbes 30 under 30

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